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​Dear Soon-to-be Organized, 


Neat Experience began inside a dark, but well-organized, corner of my brain. I realized not everyone grew up organizing their crayons by Roy G. Biv, and color coordinating their Barbies' closets. My parents worried when friends called to play outside and I said, "I'd rather alpha file bills and coupons."  I was five. So, I may have not been considered the coolest kid on the block, but I was definitely neat. 

I want you to experience being neat, too. Contact Neat Experience today to schedule a consultation. 

Peace, Love & Neatness,

Lindsay McLoughlin

Professional Organizer  |  Owner  |  NAPO Member




​"Neat Experience was extremely professional and understanding of the mess I'd gotten myself into. They helped me set up organizing systems in my home office and, in turn, I have been able to be more productive personally and professionally." - DEBBIE S. | NYC

​"Lindsay at Neat Experience was a pleasure to work with. She assured me it is never as bad as it seems and you can always work through any organizing obstacle. I couldn't have gotten organized without the help of Neat Experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their life in order." - MATT B. | SOUTHAMPTON

​"You did such a great job organizing my children's playroom. You made it fun to put things back where they belong. Now, instead of me cleaning up after my kids, they clean up after themselves." - CASEY N. | NYC

​"Neat Experience totally helped with my transition from a spacious suburban house to a small New York City apartment. I needed serious help getting it all together and figuring out what was necessary and what should go. Neat Experience helped provide the organization and prioritizing I needed to make my apartment perfect!" - JACKIE T. | NYC

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